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Bosch MCM3200WH 800W

MultiTalent 3 – the compact and versatile kitchen assistant with more than 30 functions. Makes cooking and baking easier and even fun. Mixer with MultiLevel6 knife: constantly good results thanks to three double blades – ingredients are chopped precisely, shakes and smoothies mixed perfectly

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Bosch MFQ36460 450W

This hand mixer fits perfectly in your hand — includes special bowl with stand Ergonomic design with non-slip soft-touch coating for easy and comfortable handling Quiet but powerful: five different speed settings Includes accessories: stand and bowl for comfortable hands-free operation Appliance and accessories are easy to clean: The accessories are dishwasher proof Powerful 450 ... Read more

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Bosch MFQP1000 400W

Connection rating (W) 300 Pulse function Voltage (V) 220-240 Net weight (kg) 0.790

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Bosch MFW67440 2000W

The powerful meat mincer for fast and reliable processing every day, flexible with more than 10 functions Very fast processing through strong motor and high motor blocking power Fast processing of huge amounts through strong motor 3,5 kg / Min Flexible help for every day with more than 10 functions from mincing meat or fish ... Read more

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Bosch MMB43G2B 700W

The Bosch SilentMixx mixes, chops and purees especially powerfully and quickly, and in particular more quietly than any other power-blender by Bosch. Thanks to its innovative Noise Reduction System, the SilentMixx performs so quietly. The Easy KlickKnife guarantees the best results and can be removed very easily for cleaning. Crushed ice or chopped ingredients – ... Read more

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Bosch MSM66150 600W

You won’t want to let this hand blender out of your sight. Powerful 600 watts motor for perfect results Extra-lightweight with special ergonomically shaped handle and comfortable, non-slip soft-touch coating Stainless steel blender foot with sharpened four-winged QuattroBlade makes it easy to puree, blend and chop With exclusive accessories: chopper, e.g. for chopping herbs, nuts ... Read more

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Bosch MUM48CR1 600W Kitchen

MUM4 — the tried-and-tested classic among food processors — boasting exceptional Bosch quality and a wide range of accessories. In white/chrome. 4 speed settings: easy preparation with 4 speed settings and a pulse function for major tasks. Easy to clean Rubber feet for extra stability

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Save time and enjoy breakfast together! Thanks to the 4 slots up to 4 slices of bread can be prepared at the same time. So you have more time to enjoy your breakfast together with your loved ones. Sometimes you have this picture in your head – of an absolutely evenly toasted piece of golden ... Read more

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Bosch TAT8611 Styline

There’s nothing quite like a slice of toast in the morning (or for that matter at any time of day), and if you like your toasty goodness with a little variety, this is the toaster for you. Adaptable slots fit a variety of bread, roll and bagel sizes, and the adjustable browning control means you ... Read more

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Bosch TAT8613 Styline

Mirror heating quartz glass heater for especially gentle roasting. Auto heat control electronic sensor for constant toasting performance Features: – Cool touch housing – Digital roast degree setting incl. reheat, crispy and memory function – Frozen bread heating – Illuminated cancel button – Automatic bread centering – Stainless steel rack for bread rolls, Integrated – ... Read more

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Brabantia 312601 Roll

A bread bin that doesn’t take up extra space in your kitchen! Our roll top bread bin has a flat top, so you can store canisters etc. on top of it. With large grip for easy opening. Plus it stores all kinds of bread: it’s ideal for your loaves, bread rolls, bagels, or maybe muffins. ... Read more

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Brabantia 389146 5L

Solid metal lid – odour-proof and silent Strong plastic inner bucket – removable and easy to clean Robust pedal mechanism and high quality materials – corrosion resistant Free pack of Brabantia bin liners with tie-tape (size B) – perfect fit and no ugly over wrap Sturdy carrying handle – easy to move Non-skid base – ... Read more

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Braun MQ7000X Luxury

The new Braun MultiQuick 7 hand blender is designed to help you make healthy meals for your family and friends – fast and easy. It now features world’s first ACTIVEBlade technology. This innovative flexible shaft gives you 250 % more active cutting surface to work with* – a clever kitchen helper so you can get ... Read more

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Braun MQ775 750W

Braun appliances are renowned for their reliability, longevity and sustainability. Each item is designed to make a difference in the life of its owner by bringing a smart, easy to use solution for everyday tasks. Hand blender that kneads dough, blends, chops, slices, shreds and minces Smart Speed control allows you to increase the hand ... Read more

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Kenwood BLP05.150WH Blender

The Kenwood Blender is ideal for smaller spaces, but still has a generous 1.5 litre goblet, perfect for all your blending needs – for refreshing smoothies, sauces and much more.

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Kenwood CAP70A0 Can

This 3-in-1 can opener is the ultimate kitchen multi-tool, offering a compact, fresh and modern design. This handy gadget is suitable for cans of all shapes and sizes, and the handle and blade unit is removable so it’s easy to clean. It also includes an integrated knife sharpener and bottle opener so you’ll always be ... Read more

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A beautifully designed Chopper with the quadblade system and mayonnaise attachment, perfect for the quick preparation of herbs, nuts, dips, ice-crushing and baby food. Performance This Mini Chopper uses Kenwood’s quad blade system. So it will work twice as fast as two blades to give you perfect, even results, every time. It has a 500W ... Read more

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Kenwood CO600 3in1

3-IN-1 Can Opener all white Open any size or shape can up to 1.2kg Built-in bottle opener Built-in knife sharpener Removeable blades for easy cleaning

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Kenwood CO606 3in1

3-IN-1 Can Opener chrome Open any size or shape can up to 1.2kg Built-in bottle opener Built-in knife sharpener Removeable blades for easy cleaning

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Kenwood FDP03 Essentials

The Essentials Food Processor offers simplistic design and functionalities, along with long lasting durability and effective use.

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