Extended Warranties


  1. The extended Warranty is an extension of the Manufacturer’s Warranty and covers the Goods as detailed over the page for the periods as stated, subject to the exclusions in Paragraph C of the Standard Terms & Conditions Warranty.
  2. In the event that any Goods covered under the terms of this Extended Warranty experience a breakdown after expiry of the Manufacturer’s Warranty, STAX Super Stores will, at its sole discretion, repair or replace the Goods, or its component parts, or refund the Customer compensation to the extent of the loss incurred.
  1. Household Appliances, consumer Electronic Items, Photographic Equipment, Optical Instruments and Computer Hardware.
  1. The Extended Warranty does not cover any breakdown if caused by anything that is not part of the goods, or for usage other than its intended design or purpose, including but not limited to:
  1. Use other than for domestic purposes by the Customer or any other person;
  2. Failure by the Customer or any other person to comply with the manufacturer’s instructions for installation, maintenance or use;
  3. The use with accessories not approved for the purpose by the manufacturer;
  4. The application or use of any incorrect or non-standard electrical or water supply to the Goods;
  5. Any fault in wiring, electrical connections or plumbing that does not form part of the Goods at the time of the original purchase;
  6. The presence in the Goods of the objects which it is not intended to cope with such as:
  1. Hairpins, coins and loose buttons in washing machines;
  2. Hot food in refrigerators;
  3. Chewing gum and wax crayons in tumble dryers;
  1. Neglect, misuse, or wilful abuse of the Goods;
  2. Anything related to the cosmetic appearance of the Goods which does not in the sole opinion of STAX Super Stores prevent in the Goods from working adequately, including but not limited to:
  1. Discolouration of any part of the Goods;
  2. Peeling paint;
  3. Cracked or broken handles, plate hinges, wheels, panels, shelves or any glass component;
  1. Rust or the effects of rust;
  2. Repairs or attempted repairs by any person other than an Authorised Repair Agent approved by STAX Super Stores;
  3. Any modification of the Goods by any person other than an Authorised Repair Agent Approved by STAX Super Stores;
  4. Parts, consumables and other items subjects to fair wear and tear that are not intended to endure for the full extent of the Extended Warranty period, including but not limited to batteries, filters, disposal bags, rubber or plastic pipes, drive or fan belts, fuses, light bulbs, cartridges, toners;
  5. Any malfunction caused by lightning strikes or power surges;
  6. Blown or damaged speakers arising from misuse;
  7. Any damage caused due to the use of non-approved, generic or refilled cartridges;
  8. Any malfunction arising out of the design of the Goods, In this instance STAX Super Stores will use reasonable endeavours to claim from the manufacturer on behalf of the Customer;
  9. Fire, flood, war, civil disturbance, industrial actions, acts of God or any other causes beyond the reasonable control of STAX Super Stores;
  10. Any loss or destruction of, or any damage to any property whatsoever, or any loss or experience whatsoever arising there from, or any consequential liability of whatsoever nature directly caused by or contributed to or arising from ionizing, radiation, or contamination by radioactively from any nuclear fuel or any nuclear waste from the combustion of nuclear fuel. Combustion shall include any self-sustained process of nuclear fission: or any loss, destruction, damage or disability directly or indirectly caused by or contribute to, or arising from nuclear weapons material;
  1. In the case of cameras or other electronic equipment, the Extended Warranty does not apply to any accessories, batteries, chargers, detachable lenses or additions which do not constitute the main body of the equipment.
  2. In the case of TV’s, Hi-Fi’s, DVD players, DVR’s and media Players the Extended Warranty does not apply to remote controls.
  3. In the case of defective refrigerators or freezers the Extended Warranty does not provide any compensation for the cost of spoilt food.
  4. STAX Super Stores will not be liable for the costs of:
  1. Maintenance, including cleaning, drying, clearing of blockages an insect infestation, overhaul and paper jams;
  2. Labour and material covered by manufacturer’s recall. In this instance STAX Super Stores will use reasonable endeavours to claim from the manufacturer on behalf of the Customer.
  3. Call-out charges where the breakdown is not covered by the Extended Warranty’
  4. Call-out charges where no fault is found with the Goods;
  5. Labour, material and call-out charges which are recoverable from the manufacturer or any third party who may be held responsible in terms of any other guarantee or warranty or any insure cover.
  1. STAX Super Stores will not under any circumstances be liable for any indirect loss or for any direct or indirect consequential loss or damage suffered by the customer. If the indirect or consequential loss arises from a manufacturers defect, STAX Super Stores will use reasonable endeavours to claim from the manufacturer on behalf of the Customer.
  2. Repairs may not be carried out without prior authorisation from STAX Super Stores.
  3. Extended Warranty repairs will be carried out within a sixty kilometre radius from the premises of the Authorised Repair Agent. Should the Authorised Repair Agent be required to travel beyond this radius the Customer will be charged t the prevailing AA rate per kilometre for the vehicle used.
  4. Authorised Repair Agents reserve the right not to do house calls in areas where their personal safety may be at risk.
  5. Computer software is not covered by the extended Warranty.
  1. The customer must notify STAX Super Stores in writing within ten days of any change of his or her address.
  2. The Customer is entitled to transfer this Extended Warranty to any subsequent owner of the Goods if the Customer gives written notice to STAX Super Stores of this change of ownership within ten days of such change providing that STAX Super Stores confirms receipt of notice.
  3. The Customer is entitled to cancel the Extended Warranty on written notice to STAX Super Stores within seven days of the Agreement being entered into, which case the Customer is entitled to a full refund of the cost of the Extended Warranty.
  4. The Customer is not entitled to any refund for the Extended Warranty if cancellation is not made in writing to STAX Super Stores within seven days of the Agreement being entered into.
  5. The Customer must take all reasonable measures to maintain the Goods in good working orders. 
  6. The Extended Warranty ceases to exist and any monies paid by the Customer are forfeited any non-refundable if the Goods is either replaced or a credit card given to the Customer.
  7. The Extended Warranty period as stated in the Extended Warranty is the applicable period despite any additional Manufacturer’s Warranty on specific components.
  8. The Extended Warranty does not affect the other terms and conditions of the Sale agreement in terms of which the Customer bought the item.
  9. The Extended Warranty shall be governed by the laws of South Africa and in the case of a dispute arising in terms of the Extended Warranty. The parties consent jurisdiction of the Magistrate’s Court in terms of Act 32 of 1994 as amended, to hear the dispute notwithstanding the fact that any amount may exceed jurisdiction.
  10. This Extended Warranty contains all the express provisions agreed to by the parties with regard to the subject matter hereof and the parties waive the right to rely on any provisions not contained herein.
  11. No supplementary agreement, variation, addition, amendment, deletion, or cancellation of the Extended Warranty shall be effective unless reduced to writing and signed by or on behalf of the parties hereto.
  12. STAX Super Stores is entitled to assign its rights and obligations in terms of this Extended Warranty to any third party without the consent of the Customer.
  13. Small items which are portable must be taken by the Customer to the nearest STAX Super Store for repair.
  14. An extended Warranty may only be entered into up to a maximum of sixty days after the Goods have been purchased unless expressly agreed to by STAX Super Stores.


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