AEG DCK431110M 90CM Double Oven – Black

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Precision Cooking with the Built In Timer

The timer display provides an at-a-glance overview of the status of your dish. Its clear screen enables you to set an alarm, check directly on the time remaining before your dish is ready and to adjust the timer with accuracy and precision.

Bake Even Larger Batches

Less isn’t always more, especially when it comes to delicious baked goodies. The XL Baking Tray is 20% larger than standard-sized baking trays, enabling you to turn out larger batches of sweet treats, with the satisfaction that every single one has been perfectly baked.

Improved Kitchen Safety

Thanks to the Safe to touch Plus door, the outside of the oven door is kept at a low temperature securing safe interaction.

ThermicFan Cooking

Achieve the perfect results with each roast or bake. The fan has a heated element behind it, driving a constant flow of heated air into the oven, ensuring that even with multiple racks in the oven, every part of your dish is getting precisely the heat it needs. No more turning dishes halfway through cooking.

– 5/8 Multifunction Oven: Use the 5/8 (top oven/bottom oven) functions to assist you in making the perfect dishes. Separate bake and grill knobs
– Double Layered Glass Oven Door: 2 layer glass oven door with a cooling fan to ensure your family’s safety
– ThermoFan Cooking: Cook perfectly every time with even heat distribution thanks to the heating element on the large cooking fan
– Catalytic Oven Cleaning Technology: Clean your oven with ease thanks to the catalytic oven cleaning technology which reduces grease residue in your oven, saving you time in keeping your oven clean

Small-Medium Oven Capacity: 42 Litre
Large Oven: 61 Litre

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Weight 58.4 kg
Dimensions 88.8 × 59.4 × 56.8 cm

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