Blu52 Hi-Strength Pool Acid 5L

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This high-strength pool acid is used for correcting total alkalinity, regulating acidity in the water, and adjusting excessive pH levels in the pool.

It has a minimum of 30% hydrochloric acid content.


Product Brand Blu52
Product Width (mm) 188
Product Height (mm) 290
Product Volume 5L
Product Depth (mm) 134
Colour Clear
What’s in the box 1 x 5L Blue52 Hi-Strength Pool Acid
Unit of Measure EA
Main Barcode 6009632779784
Style Hi-Strength Pool Acid
Wattage 1 x 5L Blu52 Clear Hi-Strength Pool Acid
Tent Shape 1
Closure Type Screw Cap
Operating Voltage Directions for use: To adjust the pH level, add the required amount (as per table below) of Blu52 pool acid to a bucket of approximately 5L of water. Stir with a wooden stick (never stir by hand or with a metal object). Whilst the filter is running pour contents of bucket into the pool, ensuring even distribution in the water. Leave filter running and recheck pH levels after 3 hours. Add additional acid if required. To reduce the alkalinity level dilute Blu52 Pool Acid in a bucket of water, ensuring that only 500ml of acid is added at a time. Stir with a wooden stick (never stir by hand or with a metal object) Ensure the filter system is switched off. Add the diluted mixture in one concentrated area in the deep end. Avoid pouring against the pool wall. Restart the filter system after 2 hours and check and adjust the following day if necessary. See back of product for dosage instructions. Never add too much acid to the pool as this may cause corrosion.
Benefits & Features High quality; Hi-strength; Contains hydrochloric acid; Adjusts pH level; Non-toxic

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 18 × 13 × 29 cm

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