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SKU: 02LG -CM4350
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Auto Music Play by LG Range of Flow™
Just get close to Music Flow. With the LG Range of Flow™ technology, the Mini audio will automatically play music on smart devices. *This feature is exclusive to Android apps.

Have your party anthems ready to be played on the Mini Audio party sound blasters. Build a bridge between the LG Mini Audio and your smartphone (up to 3) and let your party go wild. Indeed, a great party always becomes better when everyone chips in.
EQ – Boost    Yes
EQ – Treble/Bass    Yes
EQ – Flat    Yes
EQ – Football    Yes
EQ – Bass Blast    Yes
EQ – Jazz    Yes
EQ – Rock    Yes
EQ – Classic    Yes
EQ – Pop    Yes
EQ – Standard    Yes
Afro Hip-hop    Yes
Auto EQ    Yes
Arabic    Yes
Auto DJ    Yes
Natural EQ    Yes
Dangdut    Yes
Persian    Yes
India    Yes
Function Selector – Bluetooth    Yes
Function Selector – Portable In    Yes
Function Selector – USB2    Yes
Function Selector – USB1    Yes
Function Selector – Tuner    Yes
Function CD/DVD    Yes/No
Power Output – Front    130W x 2
Playable Disc, File type / Convenience
Playable File Format MP3    Yes
Convenience – MP3P battery charging by USB / micro USB    Yes/No
Convenience – Bluetooth    Yes
Convenience – Bluetooth Remote App    Yes
Convenience – MP3/WMA ID3 Tag Display    Yes
Convenience – File delete    Yes
Convenience – BluetoothAuto Function Change    Yes
Convenience – TV Sound Sync.    Yes
Convenience – Bluetooth Power on (Stand by)    Yes
Convenience – Bluetooth Multi Paring    Yes
Convenience – USB direct recording    Yes
Convenience – Dual USB (USB1 to USB2 recording)    Yes
Playable DISC Format – MP3/WMA CD    Yes
Playable DISC Format – CD-R/CD-RW    Yes
Playable File Format WMA    Yes
Playable DISC Format – Audio CD    Yes
Disc    1
Loading Type    1-CD Tray
Audio in – Portable in    Yes (Front)
Audio in – USB 1    Yes (Front)
Audio in – USB 2    Yes (Front)
Audio In – AUX IN 1/2 (L/R)    Yes (Rear)
FM Radio Antenna    Yes


Additional information

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 43 × 31 × 52 cm

Shipping Info

Ships everywhere
2 working days after dispatch
depending on stock availability

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