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Nespresso Citiz with Milk Coffee Machine – White

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When it comes to your brewed coffee, the skyline is the limit with the Nespresso CitiZ & Milk coffee machine. With only two buttons, choosing between Espresso and Lungo is easy, and the built-in Aeroccino 3 Milk Frother allows you to prepare milk recipes too. Keeping its iconic lines and premium finish, the intuitive and user-friends CitiZ & Milk machine embodies the expertise of Nespresso to suit all coffee-drinking preferences. Each machine includes a complimentary welcome set containing a range of Nespresso capsules with unique aromatic profiles.

The two automatic buttons for Espresso and Lungo can also be reprogrammed for custom volumes and are back-lit for ease of use. With the integrated Aeroccino Milk Frother, you can prepare incredibly creamy hot milk froth for creating all kinds of delicious milk-based recipes. Thanks to the adaptable and folding drip tray, the CitiZ & Milk coffee machine is perfect for taller glass recipes. The 19-bar high-performance pump offers barista-style coffee every time, perfectly extracting the delicate flavour and premium aromas of each coffee capsule and creating an incomparably dense and unctuous crema. The fast heat-up system reaches the ideal temperature in just 25 seconds. The automatic energy-saving function turns off the machine after 9 minutes of inactivity (this period may be extended from 9 to 30 minutes) making your life easier and consuming 60% less energy than a model rated as A according to FEA / CECED labelling. Nespresso follows highly rigorous standards in selecting coffee. Hermetically sealed and recyclable aluminium capsules are created as an optimum way to lock in freshness and provide exceptional taste. As a result, Nespresso offers a wide variety of blends to satisfy every taste at any moment of the day.

Functional: Two programmable buttons with automatic flow-stop for Espresso and Lungo coffees. The integrated Aeroccino Milk Frother, with its smaller base, is ready to prepare hot milk froth and hot milk for all kinds of milk-based coffee beverages. Folding cup tray for taller glass recipes. High-performance: 19-bar coffee extraction and fast heat-up in only 25 seconds. Easy insertion, automatic piercing and brewing of capsules.
Energy-saving: Automatic energy-saving function switches the machine off after 9 minutes of inactivity, consuming less energy.
Easy cleaning: Removable capsule container, drip tray and water tank for quick and simple cleaning.

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