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The Smeg 40L Microwave Oven will reduce cooking time thanks to the circulation of the warm air and this oven comes with Child Lock so you never have to worry about little ones changing the settings again!


Ideal Cooking
Smeg 40L Microwave Oven cuts your cooking time short with its Microwave and Circulaire. This short cooking time is all thanks to the circulation of the warm air and microwave. Sometimes we create dishes which tend to cook over from time to time leaving ghastly burn smells. This microwave oven has a Safe Cook System which works for closed door grilling, while keeps the smells inside.

The System
To save energy, you are able to restrict the power of this microwave oven with Eco-logic. If you have busy little ones, do not to worry this appliance has Child Lock. The device locks the program so that it will not be able to change. The double glazed doors and air cooling system just adds to the greatness of this appliance.

Top Performer
The grill of Smeg 40L Microwave Oven is ideal for fast cooking. The top shelf is best used for smaller food items, while the bottom shelf is best for bigger foods. When cooking this way, always make sure the door is closed.

Six functions
LCD display
Electronic timer with end of cooking alarm
Energy saving
Air cooling system
Closed door grilling
Tilt grilling
Easy to clean interior
Three cooking levels
Wire shelf

Additional information

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 60 × 50 × 90 cm

Shipping Info

Ships everywhere
2 working days after dispatch
depending on stock availability

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