Smeg SFR93M3TVX 90x48cm Thermo Vent 3KNOBS Classic Oven

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Cook Food Thoroughly

Enjoy better heat distribution with a Thermo-ventilated fan. All foods can be cooked on this function and it is also suited for cooking chilled foods. The Smeg 85L Built-In Oven is powered by electricity. Thermo-ventilation requires no preheating, if cook time if more than 20 minutes, no flavour transfer will occur when cooking different food at the same time and 10% faster cooking than normal ovens.

EverClean Enamel With Vapour Clean
The Smeg 85L Built-In Oven has a patented, special antacid lining which is resistant to chipping and assists in keeping the interior of the 90cm built-in oven clean, by considerably reducing the build-up of cooking residue and grease.

Vapour Clean function uses steam to help lift deposits in oven, for easy cleaning.


  • Multifunction thermoventilated oven
  • Speed reduction cooling system
  • Auto end cooking function
  • EverClean enamel interior
  • VapourClean

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Weight 49.1 kg
Dimensions 47.5 × 89.6 × 57.1 cm

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