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SKU: 41WAH-79524
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The multiple pieces and the cutting kit ensure that many styles can be completed in the home, saving big on the cost of grooming and hair care from traditional sources. Cutting the hair at home is a great way to save money – and let's face it this type of grooming kit can give you all of the tools that are needed to get those straight forward haircuts at home without spending upwards of twenty or even fifty Rand each time that it's time for a haircut. This can save an average of over two-hundred rand, every single year.

The multi-clipper and trimmer kit comes with blade guards and attachments that can be used while trimming to get multiple lengths and styles while using the trimmer. This way, it can be a versatile choice for trimming both the beard, the hair and even for keeping other facial hair neatly trimmed. The compact trimmer is a great choice for at-home but can easily travel and suited to on the go trips as there is an easy to use accessory kit with the compact trimmer that can be easily packed in a small case.

– Versatile system to be used at home
– Multi cut clipper is included in the complete hair cutting kit
– Comfort grip creates an ergonomically friendly choice
– Compact trimmer is easily held and has a contoured shape
– Includes attachments for clipper, as well as accessories
– Perfect for quick and east haircuts


Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 30 × 8 × 30 cm

Shipping Info

Ships everywhere
2 working days after dispatch
depending on stock availability

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