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SKU: 47WEB-WA0003501
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    Heavy duty plated steel

    Of course our Rib and roast holder are made of really sturdy metal and with its 2-in-1 functionality, cooking versatility and a welcome space-saving design define this cool accessory. Use as a rib rack and optimize grilling area for ribs, chicken quarters and more. Flip it over and it becomes a roast holder for larger cuts of meats.
    Set it inside a large weber drip pan to capture droppings

    Fits 47cm & larger charcoal braai's & all Weber Gas Braai's

    Suitable for 47cm The Roasting side will lift the roast from the cooking grate causing it to brown evenly all round without turning it. In a grill with a cast iron grate it will prevent the bottom part from hardening. By using a pair of Weber mitts the roast can be easily lifted out of the grill and then transferred to a cutting board or serving dish.& larger charcoal braai's & all Weber Gas Braai's

    Additional information

    Weight 1.1 kg
    Dimensions 37 × 27 × 9 cm

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    Ships everywhere
    2 working days after dispatch
    depending on stock availability

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