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75LG -MA3884VC

About This Product

Charcoal Lighting Heater™
The Charcoal Lighting Heater™ enables food to absorb heat faster and deeper, browning the outside crispy and the inside juicy, just like the natural charcoal grilling in the outdoor camping. It also saves time by up to 30% and energy by up to 20% thanks to “No Preheating” process.

LG’s SolarDOM™ gives you a true oven quality with Bottom Grill. Unlike the conventional convection products, it adds heat not only from the back but also from the bottom, which gives taste-cooking just like traditional oven. (Tested by LGA, a German test institute) It is the best choice for the food which requires bottom grilling.

Round Cavity
Most of the dishes are round, why not oven? LG’s unique Round Cavity takes in larger dishes with a maximum diameter. It also concentrate energy directly on food (up to 25% more intensive) and distribute microwave evenly. “No Inner Corners” gives an extra benefit of easier cleaning.

Additional Info

General Specification
Colour Stainless Steel

Steam Chef  

Shelf High/Low

ℓ 38

cu. FT 1.2 cu.ft

Interior STS Round

Power Output
Microwave 900W

MW Power Level 5 Level (90W/180W/360W/600W/900W)

MWO 900W

Power Input (Consumption)
Microwave 1650W

Grill 1 1600W

Grill 2 1100W

Grill 3 700W

Convection 2300W

Combi 1 (MW+Grill) 1650W

Combi 2 (MW+Grill) 1650W

Combi 3 (MW+Grill) 2350W

Combi 5 (MW+Convection) 1900W

Combi 4 (MW+Heaters) 2300W

Heater Type
Grill Charcoal + Sheath 

Conv. Charcoal + Sheath

Lower Sheath


Width: 63.00 cm
Height: 50.00 cm
Length: 47.00 cm
Weight: 31.00 kg

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