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THX Ultra2 certified
275 watts x 2 into 8 Ω (all channels driven)
400 watts x 2 into 4 Ω or 2 Ω (all channels driven)
750 watts x 1 bridged into 8 Ω or 4 Ω
45 amps peak current per channel
2 Ohm stable operation with load selector switch
Two pairs of speaker outputs with front panel A/B buttons
Rear-mounted lockout switch disables front A/B buttons
High pass filter, switchable for 20Hz or 40Hz
Automatic on/off by DC trigger with looping output
Automatic on/off by audio signal with 2 sensitivity settings
Fully discrete circuitry with high current toroid transformer
Bridging switch for stereo or mono operation
Efficient, low heat design
DC Servo and relay protection circuits
Rear-mounted left and right gain controls
Standby, channel status and high temperature indicators
Gold-plated RCA input jacks
Heavy duty 24k gold-plated 5-way speaker terminals
115/230v selector on rear panel
3U rac

Additional Info

All Channels Driven 
275 watts x 2, 8Ω 
400 watts x 2, 4Ω 
400 watts x 2, 2Ω (Load switch set to 2-3Ω) Bridged Mono 
750 watts x 1, 8Ω 
750 watts x 1, 4Ω (Load switch set to 2-3Ω) Current Capacity 
45 amps peak per channel Frequency Response 
20 Hz - 50 kHz, +0/-3 dB, 1 watt 
Dynamic Headroom - 1.6 dB Total Harmonic Distortion 
0.20% at full rated output 
0.015% at average listening levels IM Distortion - 0.05 % 
Transient IM Distortion - Not measurable S/N Ratio 
114 dB at rated output, IHF A-weighted 
106 dB at rated output, unweighted 
93 dB at 2.828 V output, IHF A-weighted 
84 dB at 2.828 V output, unweighted Input Impedance - 33 k Ω Input Sensitivity 
1 V in for 28.28 V out, THX standard Inter-Channel Crosstalk 
85 dB @1 kHz, 73 dB @10 kHz, 67 dB @ 20kHz 
Damping Factor - Over 150 at 20Hz 
12V Trigger Turn On - DC 9 – 12V, 15 mA Audio Turn On 
Quieter: 1 mV 
Louder: 6 mV AC Power Requirement 
110 - 120 V / 220 -240 V, 50 - 60 Hz 
0.5 watts standby 
35 watts Idle (no audio) 
1000 watts full output Dimensions 

Manufacturer's Warranty

1 years


Width: 50.00 cm
Height: 30.00 cm
Length: 50.00 cm
Weight: 20.00 kg

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