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Pool Chemicals & Test Kits

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HTH 4wk Clear

FEATURE AND BENEFITS • Slow release chlorine tablets (stabilised).   • Place in a floating basket or in the weir   • Controls bacteria and algae.    

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HHT 500g Shock

Controls algae & bacteria, removes organic contaminants from pool water

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HTH 600g Super

Fast Acting & quick dissolve Kills germs, bacteria and algae  Removes organic contaminants

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HTH 8kg Granular

Keeps pool water sparkling and blue; fast acting, instant kill; destroys harmful germs Suitable To Use With: – HTH Quick Test Strips – HTH Sparkle It Cubes Features: – Algae and bacteria; can be used for shock treating – Now Gentler on skin

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HTH Algecide All

• Non-stabilised chlorine   • High strength • Kills bacteria and algae • Fast acting

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HTH Alkalinity Up

Features: – Safe for use in marbelite and fibreglass pools – Eliminates pH bounce – Prevents corrosion of metals and pool surfaces

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HTH Alkilinty Up

(Based on a 50 000l pool) Use only as directed. To increase Total Alkalinity (TA) NB: 1kg of HTH® Alkalinity Up should raise the TA by approximately 10ppm. To prevent possible staining from metals that may be present in your water, add 1 bottle of HTH® Metal Remover – follow label directions. With the pump ... Read more

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HTH All In

Kills green, black and mustard algae Quick acting Adds sparkle to pool water

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HTH Clear Blue

– Adds sparkle to pool water – Lasts up to a month – Reduces chlorine consumption

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HTH Dry Acid

Works like liquid acid Safer- only becomes liquid acid in water Sanitisers work best when ph is correct

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HTH Green Algaecide

Treats Green Algae Added sparkle clarifier

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HTH Metal Remover

Removes dissolved metals from pool water Prevents staining of pool lining

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HTH Pace Floater

The HTH Pace Pool Floater helps retain chlorine for longer and It increases the stabiliser level in your pool water and promotes cost effective pool care  

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HTH Quick Test

HTH Quick Test Strip Features: Tests for pH, free chlorine, TA and stabiliser (cyanuric acid)  Accurate  Convenient and easy to use simply dip for quick results

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HTH Sparkle It

Sparkling pool water overnight.   Clears cloudy water.   Aids filtration and adds sparkle 

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HTH Sparkle It

Sparkling pool water…overnight Clears cloudy water Aids filtration and adds sparkle

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HTH Stabiliser 1kg

Stabiliser acts as a UV protectant for the chlorine in your pool. Add stabiliser to your pool once at the beginning of the season. Check stabiliser level before calculating required dosage. With ongoing use of stabilised products, stabiliser builds up in pool water and high levels may result in insufficient chlorine and harmful bacteria in ... Read more

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HTH Testkit 4in1

  Accurate Easy to use 4 in 1 test kit tests for pH, free chlorine Total Alkalinity and Acid Demand

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HTH Thermometer

Accurate temperature readings Available in degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit 

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HTH Weir Dry

Prevents bacteria and algae Stabilised chlorinator   Contains built-in clarifier   Adjustable to pool size Treats 10 000 – 30 000 For up to one month

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