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One For All Universal Remote URC7955 - Black

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SKU: 94ONE-URC7955
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One For All Universal Remote Control
– Easy setup by app, future proof
– The free One For All app will guide you through the setup in a few easy steps.

Control up to 5 devices
– Control up to 5 devices including TV, Sat/Cable/ DVB-T, Blu-ray, Audio, Soundbar and more.

3 Smart Activities
– Watch TV, Watch Movie, Listen to Music. Control devices together by Activities e.g. TV plus Blu-ray plus Soundbar for Watch Movie.
– Now you can control all of your Audio/Video devices with a single remote, while enjoying extra features such as the ability to combine devices in a single Activity Mode, sending multiple commands on a single key press (macros) and being able to customise the remote control to your exact requirements.
– There is also a handy companion app for iPhone and Android phones which will allow you to keep your remote up to date with the latest devices and codes.
– It also offers you an alternative way to set up your remote and store the settings.
– To get started with your new remote, the fi rst step is to set it up to control all of your Home Cinema devices.

Please note:
The remote is compatible with all name brand TVs.


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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 14 × 4 cm

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Ships everywhere
2 working days after dispatch
depending on stock availability

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