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Wharfedale Crystal 4.3 Speaker System-Black

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Crystal 4 series has been engineered for excitement — particularly for movies and music, a Wharfedale Speaker System demonstrates coverage and depth usually associated with much more expensive home cinema systems.

Intoxicating high frequencies, powerful bass — it’s mostly thanks to our tried and tested driver technology.

Kevlar is the chosen material for the low frequency drivers in Wharfedale’s leading products— It’s light, stiff and strong.

Even our entry level range in Wharfedale Speaker System uses a premium Woven Kevlar weave in its bass and mid drivers (100mm bass driver on Crystal 4.1 bookshelf and a 125mm mid driver on the Wharfedale Speaker System).Wharfedale Speaker System
Combined with Wharfedale’s advanced motor systems and in-house manufacturing to guarantee the highest quality, the Crystal 4 delivers a speech with clarity and sonic impact for movie special effects.

On the Wharfedale Speaker System an additional polypropylene bass driver completes the speaker and again, in-house manufacturing allows proprietary techniques to be used, ensuring the best possible performance.

Wharfedale Speaker System is compelling to me for two reasons. First, the 80+ year-old British hi-fi company really knows its stuff, so even its “entry level” tower has been thoughtfully designed to make movies and music sound really good.

This Wharfedale Speaker System is also quite affordable (as are the other speakers in the Crystal line).

That means you can build a pretty sweet stereo or home theater system around a pair of these floor-standers without cost getting out of hand.

Where inferior polypropylene drivers can distort under the stress of highly dynamic music and soundtracks Wharfedale engineers use a specific technique to reduce this effect.

Wharfedale Speaker SystemA special Hot Compacted Woven Polypropylene is used, where aligned polypropylene fibres are added in a matrix of thermoformed polypropylene.

This results in a much stronger drive unit and therefore lowering distortion, even with large musical peaks.

The Crystal 4 Series also includes the Crystal 4.C center channel loudspeaker. Possibly the most important speaker in a home cinema system, responsible for approximately 80% of the dialogue, special attention has been paid for an immediate, ‘in the room’ sound with a natural balance.

The soft dome tweeter, as seen in all Crystal 4 models ensures a wide dispersion, allowing multiple listeners to experience the same, rich sound-field.

The Crystal 4 Series is finished in a choice of black, white or walnut vinyl wrapped options to match every home. The Wharfedale Speaker System also features a rear plate with a wall mounting fixture.

A three-way design for smooth sound:
The Wharfedale Speaker System three-way design matches a 1″ soft dome tweeter with a 5″ woven Kevlar® midrange and a 6-1/2″ polypropylene woofer.

Together, they create nuanced texture and detail across a wide frequency range. A rear-firing port helps reinforce low-frequency punch.Wharfedale Speaker System
Wharfedale takes more than 85 years of loudspeaker-building expertise and invests in the Crystal CR 4.3 tower speaker, a three-way model that functions as an entry-level high-end floorstander while selling for the cost of a small bookshelf speaker.

Able to play music or movies with equal panache, Wharfedale Speaker System is tailored to bring lively home-theater performance into rooms at an astonishingly low price.

No mere off-the-shelf design, Wharfedale Speaker System counts on a one-inch soft-dome tweeter, five-inch woven Kevlar midrange, and heavy-duty 6.5-inch woven poly woofer to deliver punchy.

Involving sound that reaches into both extremes of the frequency range. You’ll enjoy warm, rich bass, clear highs, and truly fantastic mids – the region where most sound exists.

Like its other mates in the Crystal 4 Series, the secret to Wharfedale Speaker System abilities resides in proven Wharfedale components taken from the company’s more expensive models – including woven Kevlar cones for superior strength and natural reproduction.

Wharfedale Speaker SystemThe soft-dome tweeter creates smooth high frequencies that let you hear detailed, balanced sonics whether you’re enjoying a film or favorite song.

CR 4.3’Wharfedale Speaker Systems woofer also warrants special praise. Where inferior polypropylene drivers can distort under the stress of highly dynamic music and soundtracks, Wharfedale engineers use compacted woven polypropylene.

A technique in which aligned polypropylene fibers get added in a matrix of thermoformed polypropylene.

The method yields a much stronger drive unit and lowers distortion. It’s another example of why few audio companies match Wharfedale’s longevity and knowledge – and resultant trickle-down technology.

Wharfedale Speaker System serves as a wonderful dedicated two-channel stereo option and really blossoms when paired with other models in Crystal 4 Series to comprise a supremely high-value home-theater system.

Specifications of the Wharfedale Speaker System:
Enclosure type: Bass reflex
Drive units: 1x 25 mm tweeter, 1x 125 mm Kevlar mid/bass
Bi-wiring: No
Impedance: 8 ohms nominal, 4,2 ohms minimum
Sensitivity: 88 dB
Frequency response: 50 Hz – 20 kHz (±3 dB)

Additional information

Weight 17 kg
Dimensions 62 × 65 × 140 cm


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